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My Partner Forever is a well-established matchmaking agency located near Montreal, Canada. They specialize at helping single Russian
women to find a life partner from abroad. The dating and matchmaking website who is owned and operated by a Canadian-Russian couple. Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva, the owners, met through a similar matchmaking service in 2007 and they decided to create their own website that would enable other single Russian women to find a foreign husband.

For anyone wondering why there are so many Belarusian, Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian women who are seeking a life partner from abroad; the main reason is that there are approximately 10 million more women than men in Russia and former USSR countries – see the latest Russian census. In some cities, the ratio of single women versus single men is of 5:1 – which is the case for the city named Grodno, Belarus, where Alain met Yuliya in 2007.

Due to the shortage of available men, it is easy to understand that many Russian women will never find their life partner within their own country. Belarusian, Moldovan, Russian and Ukrainian women are typically family oriented and wish to find a good man to create a family at their early adult life. Since many cannot find such a man, they decide to look outside their own country to find the man with who they will
realize their dearest dream; create a happy family and share a lifelong relationship based on love and respect.

Typically, these single Russian women are not looking for a “country” – they are simply looking for a decent and faithful man to create a family and share their life with. They wish to be with a man who will love them, be loved, and who will be a good and strong leader for their family. Of course, there are cases where the woman is rather searching for a better life but the truth is that the vast majority are simply
looking for a good husband.

Beautiful Russian Bride

It is also true that the standard of living is often considered to be higher in countries of the west compared to countries of Eastern Europe, but nowadays, the economy is getting rather difficult in many countries of the world. It seems that most people on this planet, does not matter where they live, have to work hard to pay the bills. Russian women understand this and they are hard workers. They were raised in a way that makes them appreciate all those little things that many people of the west take for granted and don’t seem to appreciate. Russian women are generally well educated, quick learners, hard workers and mostly; they are beautiful brides and loving wives.

Although there were dozens of Russian women dating agencies on the internet, Alain and Yuliya thought that there was room for another one. One that would focus 100% at offering the right tools, for single Russian women and single men from around the world, to find each other, get to know each other and to meet each other in person. They did exactly that and the result is My Partner Forever, an international dating and matchmaking site, that is helping lonely hearts to find each other and become happy!

Our head office is located near Montreal, Canada. We work closely with marriage agencies located in most parts of Belarus, Moldova, Russia and the Ukraine.

For more information about our services, please, don’t hesitate to communicate with us.

+1 (450) 264-6884

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